University Tele-Information Center

The Registry of national Internet domain for Bosnia and Herzegovina is University Tele-Information Center. The Registry takes care of administration, organization and technical reliability of .ba domain and its assigned subdomains.

Therefore, registration of a domain and subdomain is made available through the central registry, as well as access to all the information relevant for registration and use of domain name under Bosnia and Herzegovina national .ba domain.

Central Registry facilitates:

Checking the availability of a domain name

Online update of domain names registered in this portal

Registry notifications for users and authorized registrars

WHOIS service

Downloading relevant files

Selecting a Registrar, should a user wish to register a domain name through an authorized registrar

Online support for current and interested users

Familiarization with updates and current issues on domains

The UTIC University Tele-Information Center takes care of the administration, organization and technical reliability of the .ba domain and the subdomains into which the .ba domain is divided. For this purpose, through the central registry of, it enabled all interested parties to get acquainted with information that is important for the registration and use of domain names under the state domain of Bosnia and Herzegovina .ba. The use of domain names is regulated Rulebook on General Conditions for Registration and Use of Domain Names under the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Internet Domain .ba. Domain name registration under the Bosnian .ba domain is done using a standardized EPP protocol. In this way, authorized registrars are mostly enabled to independently manage individual domain names through the cycle from registration to termination of use.