The domain name below .ba can be registered through one of the authorized registrars.

Authorized Registrars are legal entities that have a contract with the Registry in order to be able to provide the service of domain name registration under .ba domains.

How to become a Registrar?

Authorized Registrar requirements are:


Legal entity status in B&H (court registration photocopy).


Administrative and technical capability for performing Authorized Registrar roles.


Experience in domain registration


Registered .ba domain name.


Authorized Registrar status application.

Services available to Registrars


Authorized Registrar for status application form


Rulebook on Registrars Work


Rulebook on General Conditions for Registration and Use of Domain Names under the the Bosnia and Herzegovina Internet Domain .ba


List of authorized registrars

Registration of .ba domain name through Registrars Since April 16, 2007 .ba domain name registration process can be done through the Authorized Registrars.